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Many Bubblews members today reported receiving multiple late redemptions all at once!

Earlier today, Bubblews staff member Mike Valus (aka &val6) — who is “one half of the Finance Department” on Bubblews — wrote a post stating that the Bubblews team was making some significant improvements today to the speed and efficiency with which they make their payments.

They made good on that promise and I’ve heard several of my own connections mentioning receiving up to 4 redemptions each today.  I also received my latest redemption just a few hours ago, so yeah, this is really happening.  I’m not sure how widespread it is, but hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come for Bubblews.

On a side note, I’ve been earning about 43 cents per post today, which is perhaps 30%-50% more than I was earning per post last week, so this also makes me happy.  That is still a lot less than I was earning in the past, but I’ll take it.

Earnings are likely to fluctuate anyways, so I don’t want to read too much into it, but for those of you who completely stopped bubbling over the past couple weeks and quit in a fit of rage, you might not want to count them out just yet.

There is still hope for Bubblews after all. :)

Just a little while ago, I read a post on Bubblews by one of my connections where he reported that his earnings per day have fallen 75% since the recent changes less than 2 weeks ago.  This huge drop seems to be consistent with what I’m reading from many other members on there.

That is just discouraging, and the place is starting to really slow down.  I mean, it’s not a ghost town yet, but I’m finding that many of my connections have either quit completely or have at least stopped posting while they figure out whether to stay or leave permanently.

I have seen a drop myself, but for me the difference seems to be closer to 50%.  I was pretty optimistic in the initial days that the changes were taking place, but earnings per post have continued to drop since then, so I am not so chipper about that place now haha.

But, it is still a fun place to hang out with people from all over the world.  I still intend to stick around and make friends, but I have pretty much officially crossed it off my list of places to earn money right now.  If that changes, then I’ll focus more time and effort there.  But right now it’s just too depressing to get my hopes up over there.

I guess I am actually one of the lucky ones.

I never made a lot of money over there in the first place, so I didn’t really have as much to lose.  But many bubblers were earning $300, $500, or as much as $1,000 per month over there.  Those guys must really be feeling sick right now.  I can’t blame them for heading to greener pastures.

How about you guys?

Any disgruntled bubblers out there?

Any good news to report on your end?

I recently had some visitors coming here looking for answers about the new payment structure on Bubblews.  They’ve made some changes recently that have a lot of people very upset, and there is a lot of misinformation being passed around on there that is adding to the confusion.  So I figured I’d write up a quick little FAQ to try to help confused bubblers figure it all out.

This post will focus on views and earnings, but here is a summary of all recent changes…

Quick Summary Of Recent Changes

  • all bubblers — not just “international” members — must wait 60 days for redemptions to clear
  • you must wait 30 days after redeeming in order to redeem again
  • views are no longer tracked for us
  • we’re no longer paid one cent per view
  • huge crackdown on spammers
  • we can easily flag posts AND comments that violate rules

If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments section at the end of this post…

Does Bubblews Still Pay For Views?


Yes, we do still get paid for every single view of our posts.  This has been stated very clearly by Arvind and other staff members in official Bubblews posts and comments.

How Much Does Bubblews Pay Members For Views?

It varies, depending on which country readers are viewing your posts from.  It does NOT depend on which country YOU are from, it depends on where YOUR READER is located.

(This is similar to Google AdSense in that the pay per view can vary wildly from one view to the next.)

The reason for this is that advertisers in most countries do not pay Bubblews as much as the advertisers in the US, UK, and Canada pay.  So since Bubblews is SHARING their ad earnings with us, and since they receive LESS earnings from advertisers in other countries, that is why views that originate in other countries earn us less than one penny.

Many bubblers are trying to crunch their numbers to see how much they actually are earning per view, but this is practically impossible, since we can no longer see views and since we cannot know which country every single viewer is from.  But some bubblers are estimating anywhere from 1 cent to 1/20 cents per view that I have seen.  Here’s the approximate amount I’m earning lately…

Likes + Comments + 1/2 = my approximate earnings

So a post of mine that gets 30 likes and 10 comments will earn me right around 60 cents.  It’s not very exact, but so far that little equation is holding true for me from one post to the next.  Of course, others may have way different results, due to having more readers from other countries.

I am seeing less than 1 cent per view, but I’m seeing my earnings per interaction to be well over 1/2 cent each.  I suppose the reason for that would be that many of my followers and viewers are located in countries whose advertisers pay relatively well.  If all likes and comments are still 1 cent each, then views is maybe like 1/3 or 1/4 cent per?  Something like that.

Is Bubblews Cheating Their Members?

No, I don’t think so.  Bubblews never claimed that the 1 cent pay rate would always remain in effect.

We used to get paid one cent for every view, like, comment and share, but that has changed.  In fact, for a long time now (at least a year or more), Bubblews has specifically stated that they share their ad revenue 50/50 with their members, and that the amount was currently adding up to about 1 cent per view, like and comment.  But Bubblews has always stated that the amount could vary, depending on how much the advertisers were paying Bubblews.

But we have all been used to 1 penny per view and interaction, and we were all telling our friends that they will earn 1 penny per view/interaction, so everyone just got used to it and assumed it would always continue.

But that was not sustainable, thanks to spammers.  When the advertisers refuse to pay Bubblews for invalid activity (i.e. spammy content and interactions), then Bubblews has no choice but to pay us less too.  I don’t believe Bubblews has explicitly stated that their advertisers have refused to pay, but they have stated that their advertisers “don’t like paying for that kind of content” or something to that effect.  And it is common practice in the web ads industry to not pay websites who have spam content or “invalid activity” on their site.

So this is what I think is going on.

Why Is Bubblews Making All These Changes?

Basically, to protect the business from running out of money and having to shut down.

Members were spamming Bubblews with spun content, stolen content, duplicate content, promotional content, copy/pasted comments, meaningless comments, and they were also trading likes, views, and comments and shares.  All of these cause Bubblews to lose money.

People were cheating.  In fact, I just recently heard that it got so bad that entire countries have been banned from Bubblews.  And just last night I got a message on Pukitz asking if posts from Pakistan (one of the banned countries) were accepted on Pukitz (no they are not, because Pakistanis are not eligible for Paypal).

So, the bottom line is that you cannot run a successful business if you are paying people for cheating.  The spammers were literally taking the money that rightfully belonged to all the legitimate members.  And they were in effect stealing from Bubblews as well.

That is why Bubblews had to make these changes in how they pay us.  They wouldn’t be able to stay in business otherwise.

Why Did Bubblews Stop Showing Our Views?

Again, to protect the business from people who were trying to manipulate the business model.

Do not forget…

Bubblews IS NOT a job or a professional writing site.  IT IS NOT a writing site.  It is not a content directory or article farm.  It is a SOCIAL NETWORK that simply shares half of its earnings with its members.

When writers come to Bubblews to make money, how do they judge their effectiveness?  By checking stats and earnings and trying to earn as much as possible for every hour they put into it!

But this is not the purpose of Bubblews.

Bubblews is a social network.  You’re supposed to use it like Facebook and Twitter and stuff.  Hang out with friends.  Make new friends.  Write your world (remember that?).

Bubblews is not HubPages or Squidoo or Textbroker or Pukitz (sorry, couldn’t resist).  It’s a place to socialize with people from around the world.  When you focus on something other than socializing (i.e. focusing on stats and earnings), then you are misusing the website.

Most of us were misusing the website.

Many of us still are.

And many others were straight up abusing the website.  That is why they had to make these changes or face extinction, just like Squidoo and Yahoo Voices and many other sites.

Should I Quit Bubblews?

If you are an excellent writer and want to make money by writing long, high quality articles, then I would advise putting those articles on other sites besides Bubblews.

But if you want to just write short little posts about anything and hang out with other people online — and pick up some extra money in the process — then Bubblews is perfect for that.

Bubblews is a business.  And they will do what they have to do to stay in business.  If you can’t handle that, then there are lots of other places out there where you can make money.  And of course, if you don’t like any of those websites, then you can start your own!

I’ve been writing online for almost 3 years now.  I’ve written hundreds of posts for Triond, Yahoo Contributor Network, HubPages, Squidoo, InfoBarrel, SeekSuccess, Textbroker, WriterAccess, Zerys, Bubblews, and about 20 of my own blogs and niche websites.

Whenever I find myself frustrated with changes and rules and any kind of problems at these other websites, I just remind myself,

“Their house…their rules.”

I’ve earned hundreds of dollars by writing articles and publishing them on other people’s websites.  They didn’t charge me to sign up.  They let me decide what to write about.  They even let me retain ownership of those articles and move them to other websites if I wished.

That’s a pretty good deal, and when I find that I don’t like the way one of these sites treat me or how they run their business, then I take my content and go somewhere else.

I’ve updated my posts 10 Commandments For Beginning Bubblews Members to reflect the recent changes, so if you want some basic tips for getting paid on Bubblews, go check it out.


I was just reading a little post on Bubblews by my friend Mike Pugh (aka Cloud Explorer on HubPages and other platforms).  In his post, titled Never Let Anyone Define Success In This Life For You Or It’s Not Truly Yours, Mike talks about how important it is to not let anybody else tell you who you are or how to live your life.  Never let anyone else sit on your throne and dictate to you what matters in life, and never let anyone else take the credit for your successes and accomplishments.

I would add…never let others belittle your successes and accomplishments either, and never let anyone spit on your dreams.  You know what I mean.  Some people will pretend to be interested in what your goals are, but as soon as you tell them what you want to accomplish in your life, they start shooting you down and trying to change your ideas, telling you it’s not realistic and trying to make you come up with a backup plan already, “just in case it doesn’t pan out.”

And thinking about Mike’s post a little more, I also realized how important the flipside of all this is too.

Don’t blame anybody else for you failures.  You gotta own them too.  That’s the other half of taking responsibility for your life, owning up to your mistakes and not pointing fingers at other people and not making excuses.

Own it.

Analyze it.

Improve it.

Try again.

Nobody knows you but you.  Nobody.  I spent more than half my life letting others tell me who I am, what is important in life, what my dreams in life should be, how I should live, and what my purpose in life is.

They may have meant well, but by letting others define all of that for me instead of figuring it out for myself, I let them short-circuit my own creativity and my own ambition and motivation and identity.

Man, I feel like I wasted the best years of my life just trying to please other people and be who they wanted me to be, and now I will never get those years back, never get those opportunities back.  I had all kinds of opportunities to pursue my own dreams and ideas, but my creativity was locked away, deep down in a dungeon, and I never even thought that my destiny was mine to choose.  Never even considered the possibility.

So…now what.  I’m almost 40 and I don’t know what the hell I want in life.  I think back to when I was 18 and I think about how different my life could have been if I had given myself permission to make my own decisions and choose my own path and stand on my own two feet and fight for what I wanted.

Things would be so different.  So much better.

But what can you do?  Can’t go back and change it.  I’m still a lucky man, and I know it.  I have a wife and two awesome kids that make me want to be a better person.  So I’m not complaining about any of that.

But it’s just hard to look around and think,

“It never had to be like this.  I could have accomplished SO MUCH MORE by this time in my life if I had thought for myself and pursued my own plans and dreams.  But now my options are way more limited.”

Oh well.  That’s life, I guess.

I’m not dead yet, so as long as there’s air in my lungs and blood in my veins, there’s opportunity to succeed at something.

Show of hands…

Who dies of embarrassment whenever their credit card gets declined?

It doesn’t happen to us often, but it happened today when we were at the supermarket buying a handful of groceries.  We knew our available balance was down low, but we forgot about a hold placed on the card by the dvd rental company for the movie we rented last night.

So we were just a little short and decided to put the food back and just go home.  Sometimes we’ll play the game where you take out an item or two and then swipe the card again and cross your fingers.  But not this time.  We only had like 3 items, so it was humiliating enough.

Man, I sure wanted that Red Baron pizza though :(

On the bright side, we just saved almost $10 by not buying anything.  WOO HOO!