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I Work Off The Clock

Make money. Save money. Be happy.

Well, I now have the new website up and running.  It’s still very bare bones, but I’ve got my main pages up for contributors (site intro, how to sign up, submission guidelines, payment info, privacy page, etc).  And I’ve put up three blog posts of my own so that interested writers can see what kind of content I’m looking for from them.

The design is simple (just a basic WordPress theme) and cheap at this point.  I could spend money on the design up front, but then I’d have a pretty website with no content and no writers and no more money to pay them haha.  So I think it’s more important to put that money towards paying contributors first.

I did make a few changes in the rules and structure, though.

Keeping It “Niche” (sort of)…

A comment from a reader, Gil, a couple of posts back got me thinking about the topics to be covered on the site.  Gil asked whether it would be a niche site focusing on one main topic or if it would cover just about anything.

My original vision for the site was that it would be similar to HubPages and would cover practically everything under the sun.  But I had to abridge that, because I am going to guarantee writers that every post they publish will make the same amount of money every month, regardless of traffic…totally consistent passive income that is not based on page views, stats, etc.  If I let contributors write about ANYTHING, then I’m going to lose a lot of money haha!  So I narrowed it down to 13 potentially profitable categories, and I figured I’d let contributors write about anything that fit into one of those categories.


It’s going to take FOREVER for me to organically and legitimately rank a new site that has no focus.

So I’ve decided to have new contributors pick one of the 13 categories as their niche, and their first 30 posts must be in that category.  After they get 30 articles published in their chosen niche, then they can branch out and write stuff for the other 12 categories.

So that was one change.  (Thanks Gil!)

Simple, Straighforward Pay Rates

Another change was how much I would pay the writers.  If you saw my previous post on this, then you might remember this big long payment scale where writers start out earning 25 cents per post per month and then gradually work up to 30 cents, 35 cents…all the way to $1.00 per post per month.  But that would take pretty much forever and would discourage a lot of writers (although it would motivate some quite well).

Anyways, I simplified that and went back to my original plan, which was to pay 50 cents per post per month.  It’ll cost me more up front, but I think it will be more enticing for new contributors and could make the difference between them signing up or walking away.

External Links

The last big change was concerning external links.

Originally, in my zealousness to build a website that would be more or less spam-proof, I was not going to allow any external links in posts, not even in the author byline at the end of each post.  But that was overkill, and it would make for a possibly frustrating experience for both the readers and the contributing bloggers.  So I amended that rule to allow a link in the byline that goes to the contributor’s blog homepage.  That way, if the reader loves what they read and wants to comment or interact with the author, they can just click the link and go straight to that contributor’s blog.

Plus, it’s a small incentive for the contributor, getting a link to their blog from every post they write.


So, that’s where I’m at today on this project.

Now I’m asking a handful of bloggers I know and trust to take a look at the site and let me know what they think about it.  These folks have written for sites like HubPages, Squidoo, Textbroker, Odesk…and they have their own blogs as well, so they know their stuff and would likely be able to offer some great feedback.  After that, I may or may not make some more tweeks to the rules and guidelines.

Then all I need is content ;)

Aloha!  Once again, welcome to my little monthly progress report.  I made more than twice as much as last month, so even though it’s not a lot of money, it definitely makes me happy to be earning and picking up some momentum again.

Here we go…

Blog 1 (iWOC) — I Work Off The Clock

  • New Posts:  11
  • Page Views:  809
  • Income:  $0.00 (n/a)

I decided to make a couple of changes on this site after the last income report.  First, I ditched the “How To Start A Blog” page, along with the affiliate links in it.  I also decided to delete the backlinking tutorial/free ebook offer from my sidebar.  It just seemed too spammy and black hat to me, so I decided to dump it.  Last, I deactivated AdSense.  I wasn’t making more than a couple bucks a month, and I was seeing some really crappy ads on there.  Perhaps I’ll bring it back later on when there’s more traffic and more relevant ads showing up.

Traffic-wise, that’s the highest number of page views iWOC has had in the past 10 months,  but I’m not sure if the changes I made are responsible for that increase.  But they could be.  I got rid of a bunch of affiliate links to sites that Google might consider to be questionable (even though the content was actually good, helpful stuff), and doing away with above-the-fold AdSense ads probably helped too.  Still, things are always changing online, so who knows for sure what caused the increase.  Either way, it’s only a small improvement — not very significant – so I’m not gonna spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

Blog 2 (B2) — Photography Blog

  • New Posts:  1
  • Page Views:  34
  • Income:  $0.00

I finally added some new content on here, after more than a year of nothing.  I wrote 5 small posts — little photography tips — and then I decided to just roll them all into one big FAQ post.  So perhaps if I keep adding new content there things will pick up?  I’ll need links, and I’m not going to artificially build them, so that means I’d have to just go make friends in that niche again.  I’ve been out of the photography game for over 3 years now, so I dunno.  Maybe I will work on that when the mood strikes me.

Niche Site 1 (NS1) — Knife Website

  • New Posts:  0
  • Page Views:  1,301
  • Income:  $7.06

That’s the highest amount of traffic I’ve had in the past 6 months (since December, which is always inflated due to holiday shopping).  If you don’t count December, then this was the highest amount of traffic I’ve had since the site was penalized back at the beginning of October 2013.  So I guess that’s something positive to take away.  It only earned $7 though, but that’s totally passive income, and I do like that!  :)

Niche Site 2 (NS2) — Anxiety Website

  • New Posts:  4
  • Page Views:  182
  • Income:  $0.00 (n/a)

Traffic was slightly up, but not by much.  I am expecting all the new content I added in May to start kicking in over the next couple months, but it will still be quite a while til this site is able to earn more than a dollar or two per month, so I won’t be adding AdSense until the traffic is significantly higher.  Why distract the few readers I have with a big juicy ad to click on just to make a dollar?  I need social shares and organic links more than ad clicks if I want this site to ever get anywhere.

Niche Site 3 (NS3) — Flashlight Website

  • New Posts:  0
  • Page Views:  484
  • Income:  $19.02


That’s why I chose this niche in the first place:  because the commission per purchase would be pretty decent for an Amazon product.  This site is almost a year and a half old and has never made more than a few dollars per month (often zero), but last month I finally made a solid sale (2 items, in fact).  I’m so glad I made the last minute decision to renew it for a second year (this was back in March).  So now we’re talking.  Now I’m getting excited about this niche site again!

But watch, next month it’ll make a dollar or something haha.  Ah well, that’s how it goes…  ;)

User-Generated Content Sites


  • New Posts:  23
  • Income:  $15.91

Well, it’s July, and Bubblews still makes me want to love/hate it.  Lots of people on there have been talking about how much faster and more reliable the site/server is, but I’m not seeing it.  In fact, at this moment I still don’t know exactly how many new articles I published there in June, because the site keeps timing out every time I try to count them up!

(UPDATE:  23.  It was 23…)

Anyways, it’s still easy money over there, but I don’t see Bubz being my bread and butter any time soon, since it has never shown me any passive income love.  If I stop posting for a week or a month, it all grinds to a stop (unlike HubPages and my niche sites).  So it’s obvious to me where my focus needs to be.  Bubblews is just a nice place to post when I’m feeling burnt out or when I just need a quick little break from blogging.  It definitely has its place, so I’ll be posting there next month, but I can’t camp on there all day like some of those guys do.  That would just make me go cuckoo.


  • New Posts:  0
  • Income:  $35.46

That’s actually more money than I made from all sources last month, so I’m happy about that.  But honestly, last month was just really low.  But at least things are kinda picking up a little.  That is purely passive income at this point (I haven’t written for HP in ages), so as you already know, passive income makes me very happy.  :)

Oh, this morning I logged into my Amazon account and found that one of my old hubs brought in an Amazon sale worth over $20 in commissions, so that will reflect in next month’s report.  Hopefully they won’t return it!  We’ll see how everything else turns out, but that sure is a nice way to start the month.


So, that’s it for this month.  I’m starting to bounce back a little bit from the -$50 a month loss on HubPages a few months ago and the -$40 a month loss on NS1 last October, so that’s putting a little wind back in my sails.  My plans for this next month are to push out more content on the new website (not listed in this income report, but I mentioned it in my last post) and to do that, I either have to write it myself or sign up some writers and pay them to write it.  So now I’m off to find someone who wants to “rent” me their articles.  If you or someone you know might be interested, hit me up on the Contact page.

Gross Income To Date…

  • July 2013 — $67.16
  • August — $63.58
  • September — $73.32
  • October thru April 2014 — Lost a lot of traffic/earnings.  Lost a lot of motivation too :(
  • May 2014 — $29.58
  • June — $77.45

I just realized that this month was my best month ever in terms of gross passive income from my websites and articles.  Huh.

Will I Make $100 Next Month?

Wanna see how much money my websites make next month?  Subscribe to this blog in the sidebar — if you haven’t already — and you’ll get email updates whenever I post something new…

Tired of writing high-quality blog articles and reviews that never earn you a dime?

Tired of spamming all your friends on social media trying to get traffic to your posts?

Tired of building backlinks to boost your earnings?

Don’t you wish you could earn steady, consistent passive income based solely on the quality and quantity of your articles rather than the amount of search traffic that they generate? It’s hard to keep writing articles when you really don’t know if they’re going to earn you anything, don’t you think?

But what if your articles could earn you passive income that is not dependent on page views, ad clicks, social media shares, comments, or any other factor? Wouldn’t it be nice if every single post earned you a steady stream of income every single month, regardless of how much traffic it received?

If you’re taking the time to write high quality articles, then shouldn’t you get paid for every single post you write, whether your post gets 100 views per day or 0 views per day?

What if every post made you money, every month?

  • Every single post.
  • Every single month.
  • Steady passive income.
  • Regardless of stats.

Does that sound interesting?

The New Website…

I am starting up a new user-generated content website, and I’m looking for a handful of niche bloggers to start contributing content.  This new website will offer you the opportunity to build a new stream of steady, consistent passive income. Once your article is published, it earns you money every single month, even if that post isn’t getting any traffic.

To my knowledge, this has never been done before.

I’m excited to get this project rolling, so I’m launching it this summer, and I’ll be starting small with just 5-10 approved bloggers for the first 90 days.  After that, I will recruit additional contributors every 30-60 days to scale things up.

Every published post earns you money every month, and the amount you earn cannot be improved in any way by outside factors. You just keep writing good posts, and you keep earning passive income every single month. The only way to boost your income is to write more posts.

Forget About Promoting Your Articles…

As I already mentioned above, you don’t even have to lift a finger to market or promote your posts in any way to earn your money.  No more spamming your friends and family by blasting links all over your social media accounts.  No more getting locked up in Twitter jail. No more begging the Internet gods to magically send you traffic so that you can finally get a payout. No more all night, mind-numbing backlink building marathons.

None of that.

Contributors have nothing to gain by linking to their own posts and trying to boost their stats. Doing that kind of stuff cannot possibly improve your earnings. So there’s no point wasting a lot of time on it.  There’s no reason to play those kinds of games with this website, because your earnings have nothing at all to do with your stats. In fact, contributors who use spammy tactics to promote their posts like that will actually get banned from the site.

How Is This Possible?

This is not a revenue-sharing website where income is based on your stats. That model is outdated and dying, because websites that are set up that way are opening the door to spammy practices beyond their control that will eventually get them penalized by search engines. And when that happens, everybody loses.

Many once-great websites have already been penalized, so they tightened up their content standards, yet they still continue with the same pay structure that is subject to manipulation and attracts spam. That makes no sense to me. It just boggles my mind.

But my new website will be different.

All you do is write high quality, informative articles on topics you are knowledgeable about, and your content earns you the same amount of passive income every month.  And the more articles you get published, the more money you make every month. It’s as simple as that.

The only way to make more money is to write more posts. Nothing else will improve your earnings. Once posts are approved and published, the earnings begin, and they continue indefinitely, as long as they remain published on the site.

Here’s What I’m Looking For…

  • Motivated, trustworthy niche bloggers
  • Native English speakers, age 18 and over
  • Original, topic-oriented articles, 800+ words each (500+ for reviews & tutorials)

If you can research and write informative blog posts — the kind of real articles that real people are searching for online every day – and if you want a way to consistently earn passive income online month after month without having to resort to spammy tactics, then I want to talk to you.

Pick Your Niche And Start Writing

All contributors choose one niche/topic/category and their first 30 posts must be for that category only.  After your first 30 posts, you can branch out and write about other topics.  Here are the categories currently available:

  1. Automotive
  2. Cool Stuff For Kids
  3. Crafting & Scrapbooking
  4. Fashion & Beauty
  5. Food
  6. Holidays & Celebrations
  7. Home & Garden
  8. Mental Health
  9. Personal Finance
  10. Pets & Farm Animals
  11. Physical Health
  12. Tech & Gadgets
  13. Travel

One More Thing…

Just for the record, this is not a website for fluff-filled articles or spun content. Nor is it a place for getting backlinks or self-promotion of any kind. In fact, no links are allowed in posts…ever (except a link to the author’s blog homepage in the byline at the end of every post). Every applicant must be approved. Every post must be approved. And any contributor who breaks the rules gets deleted.

This is not a place to get rich quick.

In fact, it’s not even a place to get rich slow, since there is a cap on earnings determined by the number of posts you have published. It’s not one of those dubious “unlimited earning potential” kind of websites where the unrealistic hope of instant riches is dangled out in front of you.  But the pay is competitive, and it is totally predictable and consistent from one month to the next.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The payment setup is very straightforward:  you earn $0.50 per post per month, starting the moment your post is published. The more articles you have published, the more money you make every month.  That’s $6 in one year, $12 in two years, etc…for every single article published.

This is simply a way to build a modest yet steady stream of passive income that will flow into your Paypal account for many months and years to come without all the income ups and downs that article writers often experience on other revenue-sharing websites. If you like to write good blog articles and could use a steady $20…$50…$100 a month or more in additional passive income – every single month – then you will want to check this out.

You Keep The Copyrights

Oh yeah, did I mention that you don’t have to sell your soul and relinquish all rights to your articles for $5 each, like many freelance writing sites require? You still own your content and may unpublish it at any time and put it somewhere else. You own it. I’m just renting it.

And every article gets a byline with your real name and your blog (link to homepage).

Still interested?

Fill out the contact form below, and I will visit your blog and check out the quality of your writing.

Aloha, Chris

This article is written for those who are new to Bubblews and who want to make money there. You may have heard about members not receiving payment for their posts – due to accidentally or intentionally breaking some rules — and so you want to make sure that you don’t follow in their footsteps.

These 10 “commandments” are not official Bubblews rules (okay, well, some of them are), but many of these are more like strong suggestions. They are based on the official rules and communications from Bubblews staff and on the experiences of other bubblers, and following all of them is the best way to get paid consistently on Bubblews.


There aren’t a whole lot of rules on Bubblews. The rules that most of us know are the 8 rules listed on our “Bank” page, but there are also some more rules spelled out in the Terms of Use (sometimes referred to as TOU or TOS) that is linked to at the bottom of every Bubblews page, in the footer. Follow their rules to the letter, and you will get paid. Break the rules – or do something that appears to be against the rules – and you probably won’t get paid.

bubblewsThere are a lot of bubblers who have lost out on redemptions because there was some activity on their account that Bubblews decided was against their rules. Those bubblers might have thought they were following all the rules, but THE BUBZ ALMIGHTY thought otherwise.

There are some gray areas about what is and isn’t allowed, and there are also many bubblers who will speculate about what is allowed and what isn’t. Some will kind of read between the lines when interpreting the official rules, and they’ll insist that you cannot do certain things and still get paid. An official FAQ is in the works – and has been for some time — but it’s not complete yet. You can find the official post about it here…

The bottom line is this:

Many of Bubblews’ rules and terms of use are a little bit vague and could be interpreted one way by you and me and another way by the Bubblews staff. So if you want to get paid every single time without any hassles, then you will have the best chance of doing that if you play it safe and avoid any gray areas.

These 10 Commandments of Bubblews will help you do that…


Bubblews is protective of its members, its traffic, its advertisers, and its earnings. They work very hard to attract people to this website, and when they get new members here, they want to keep them here. Bubblews really doesn’t want you diverting readers to other websites just to make money for those other sites.

Affiliate links (links where you insert your own tracking code to receive some benefit or reward) are expressly forbidden, but any link to another website that Bubblews considers competition could also get you in trouble, even if you are not an affiliate and have nothing to gain by linking to them. I have heard of this happening to many, many bubblers.

Do not recommend that readers go check out other online services (the TOU specifically forbids this), writing sites, or money-making opportunities on other websites. Even if you don’t link to those sites, simply inviting others to go to those sites could some day cost you your redemptions.


A lot of bubblers lose out on redemptions because of image issues. Posting screenshots of the Bubblews logo or your Bubblews earnings and stats is a no-no. These are all trademarked images, and Bubblews does not give us permission to use them in our posts.

By the same token, posting screenshots from other websites could also cause problems for you if THE BUBZ calls you on it, as those websites are also protected by trademark. Play it safe and create your own infographs and charts.


Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, even if it doesn’t always feed you. You will lose even more money. Would you pay somebody else to talk trash about you on your own website? Well, THE ALMIGHT BUBZ is a jealous Bubz, and He will not tolerate criticism. Bubblews won’t pay you to talk trash about Bubblews on Bubblews. Sure, you might get away with it on occasion, but once you’re on their naughty list, you can kiss those missing redemptions goodbye.

So if you can’t say anything nice, you’re better off not saying anything at all.


Including less than 400 characters (letters/numbers) in a post can cause you to forfeit redemptions. That is an official rule. A single sentence or image won’t cut it. You should post at least a couple paragraphs every time. And more is often better! If you don’t want to bother with character counts, then shoot for a word count over 100 words. If you still don’t want to bother with that and just want to type up your posts right in the bubblews browser/box/thingie, then make sure you have at least 5 full lines of text (that should work out to be over 400 characters).

(Note: that paragraph above contains a little over 400 characters, FYI…)

Besides, longer posts engage your audience more, and they also give search engines like Google and Bing more “meat” to bite into, and that can mean more page views trickling into your posts over time. And sorry…spaces, punctuation marks and link URLs don’t count. BUBZ said so in a reply to a bubble’s question on that subject.


Bubblews prefers that you write posts in English, but if it’s not English, then it must be accompanied by an English translation. If you sometimes switch back and forth between English and your native language as you write, that’s okay. Just be sure to translate those other sentences into English. This is also an official rule. No gray area here.


Nearly all the rules and terms of use boil down to this one thing: don’t cheat. Don’t try to “game” the system. Don’t be sneaky or try to cut corners.

Don’t ask for likes. Don’t ask for comments. Don’t ask for social media shares. Don’t ask for connections. Don’t team up with people – even off-site — to trade likes-for-likes. Don’t ask people to help you out, and don’t offer to help them out. Don’t tag tons of people in your posts, either. That will be interpreted as asking for views, likes, comments and shares.


Going on a connection spree – randomly connecting to hundreds of bubblers without even reading their posts – could get you into trouble. And you don’t need to comment on their profile, “Connecting!” either. There is no specific rule against this practice (yet), but some bubblers will flag you if they see you doing this, and Bubblews might interpret it as abusing the system.

Another new trend is to leave blank comments on people’s profiles. Like, it’s just…blank. But it has their pic and a link to their profile. So some bubblers are spamming members this way lately. Just don’t go there, okay?


It doesn’t matter if you didn’t know copying and pasting from other websites is stealing. If you copy other people’s writings without their permission, it is copyright infringement. It is illegal. It is content theft. You are a stealer. And even if you have permission – and even if it’s your own content from another site – you could be accused of stealing. If you’re accused of stealing, Bubblews will cut your hands off and parade you through the marketplace.

Or they just won’t pay you. Either way it sucks.


Spammers are usually deleted fairly quickly, once bubblers start reporting them. There are three types of comments that might be flagged as spam or inappropriate comments and should be avoided. Leaving comments like these could cause you to lose money. Even if you don’t consider comments like these to be spam, Bubblews (or the Bubblews community) probably does…

  1. comments that have nothing to do with the post
  2. comments that link to other websites
  3. comments that appear word-for-word on several different posts


If you see a photo in a Google search and want to use it in your post…


Use your own photos and artwork instead. You can’t just grab an image from Google or Wikipedia and link to it. You must have permission to use an image. Using an image from the Internet without the owner’s permission is illegal. Even if you have permission to use it, having to PROVE that you have permission could take up valuable time and delay your payments. And the burden of proof rests on you, not on Bubblews (that’s in your TOU too).

The use of images is where a lot of bubblers get tripped up and miss redemptions. For instance, if you attached a meme you copied off Google into your first post, and you keep writing more and more posts but leave that unauthorized image on there, you could end up forfeiting every single redemption going forward, because that first post will keep accumulating pennies towards every redemption as bubblers find it and as Google keeps sending traffic to it.

Technically, there are ways to get Creative Commons licensed images that you can legally post on Bubblews, and savvy bubblers use them legally all the time. But remember: if Bubblews even SUSPECTS you of using images that you aren’t supposed to use, they don’t have to pay you until you prove otherwise. If you want to keep those redemptions rolling in as smoothly and as quickly as possible, then you might want to just play it safe and use your own images.

One little old post with a rule violation on it can cause you to forfeit redemption after redemption after redemption. So play it safe, avoid frustration, and just use your own photos and images (or even none at all).


This is not an official Bubblews document, and I do not work for Bubblews. I’m just a bubbler trying to be helpful, because every single day I see posts and comments from new and old bubblers saying they haven’t yet received answers from the staff, so they’re asking other members for help. Just so ya know.

The link below will take you to the Official Bubblews Team post, and from there you will find a list of the various ways to contact Bubblews with whatever questions you have about the Bubblews rules, redemptions, or technical issues…

Back in April, I finally decided to simply stop keeping track of traffic on my blogs. I have like 10 of them (or I did for a while), and checking stats on all those websites could eat up a lot of time, if I let it.

And for over two years as an Internet marketer…I let it.

Most bloggers and Internet guys can relate to that. Checking stats is like an addiction. Sometimes you just gotta check them like every single hour. Why? Haha…nobody knows. Checking stats every hour doesn’t make more people visit your blog. Usually all it does is distract you from the real work that you’re supposed to be doing – writing content. Well, and if you’re at your job, then it stops you from doing that real work too. ;)

So cutting down the distractions was one reason why I stopped keeping track of my stats.

But the other reason, the main reason, really, was that my stats almost always bummed me out. Well, not always. Sometimes my stats would get me excited for awhile, whenever the numbers were going up. But that didn’t happen all the time. And even when it did, the numbers still weren’t all that impressive. I mean, I appreciate every single person who comes to one of my websites. And I appreciate every one of them who bought something through one of my Amazon links. But ultimately, I’s still not making much money, so even my “best” days aren’t enough to get too excited about. Not yet, anyway.

So there really wasn’t much to lose by shutting down my StatCounter account and deleting all my traffic plugins.

I first got the idea from Leo Babauta’s post on ZenHabits where he talks about how he never checks his stats. Of course, he’s like one of the most popular bloggers in the world, so he probably doesn’t have much to gain from checking stats anyways. He just writes a new post, and people come read it. Lots of people come read it.

For me – just one of the little guys – it helped me to check my stats (sometimes) because I would learn more about my visitors and what they were looking for when they came to my sites. And judging by their activity on the site, I could see if my content was interesting to them or if they were just leaving right away.

So I did get some value sometimes by stat checking. But overall, it was a distraction, and I was determined to put in more time writing new content, so stats had to go.

It was painful at first haha. Especially since I also shut down blog comments and deleted my Facebook account at the same time. Now what the heck was I supposed to do when I go online?

Oh yeah.

Write more posts.

So that’s what I did.

It worked out pretty good. I was averaging one new post a day, plus I got some other stuff done like compiling a free ebook to give away to readers on one of my sites, and I just felt better emotionally too.

Comparing my monthly stats and seeing how they had dropped in the past year was depressing. But for the past few weeks I didn’t have those shrinking bar graphs bringing me down, so I was able to focus more on writing and trying to provide something valuable for my readers. That’s what this whole thing is supposed to be about! Sheesh.

So I’m glad I took some drastic measures a couple months back. I’m getting a lot more done, putting up new articles on my blogs almost every day. That’s one of the true “secrets” to making money online: keep writing and publishing new articles every single day. Don’t stop. Keep going. The people who keep blogging every day make more money online than the people who stop every other day. That’s not hard to see.

So I’m glad I’ve been able to shake off some of the distractions and just get down to business again.