Final Post (Yes, For Real)

After many false stops (and restarts) over the past year, I think this is finally it boys and girls. This is going to be my final post on I’ll still be blogging at my other blog, but not here. I won’t be renewing this website domain next month. If you want to copy any […]

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Intro to Niche Site Grind 1: Meet Sanjeev

Sanjeev: Niche Site Grind 1 student

On December 18, 2015, I received this email… Hi Chris, This may take you by surprise, but I want you to do a niche site project of your own, for your blog’s audience. I am a niche site project 3.0 ( applicant who didn’t make it to the final three. My video is here […]

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Small Update and Big Announcement

Hey everyone, It’s been pretty quiet around here the past couple months, so I figured I should put out a quick little update about what’s been going on in my life, particularly in my money-making adventures. A few months back, I had decided to ditch content mills and focus exclusively on building up private clientele for […]

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