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So as I mentioned in the last post, one of my goals today was to contact all the Textbroker clients I’ve written for so far and ask them for Direct Orders.  I did it, and so now I’ll just wait and see if anything comes of it.  I suppose that asking for work should probably be something that I do regularly and not just as a one-time gig.

Maybe I could actually attempt to maintain a dialogue with my past clients.  You know, network and build a relationship with some of them.  Surely that wouldn’t hurt my chances of receiving direct orders, would it?  No, of course not!  I’ll do it…

I wrote 3 more articles for Textbroker today too, earning me an additional $19.60.  Previously I had been cashing out and transferring it to my checking whenever I had over $10, but I think I will leave it in my Paypal until I can accumulate $500.  Then I’ll transfer it all to my bank account and go buy another laptop.  Trying to be a writer with only an iPad kinda sucks.  I mean, I love the iPad for all that it was intended for (primarily web surfing), and I found a way to use it well enough for HubPages, but I miss having a real keyboard.

My nephew got me a bluetooth keyboard for our iPad, and I loved it at first, but I make a lot of typos on it.  Plus, lately the keys are getting stuck more often.  That wasn’t so bad when it was just the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii button, but last night while I was working on a Textbroker article, the backspace button actually got stuck and started deleting my article, one character at a time.  Even after turning the keyboard off, it still kept on backspacing until the touchpad keyboard finally popped up.

I lost an entire paragraph.

Then just as I was finishing the last couple of sentences, the iPad battery died and I lost the entire article (no autosave).

So yeah, I miss having a laptop, so I will try to earn enough to buy one next month.  One hundred Textbroker articles should do it!

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