June 2014 – Monthly Income Report

Aloha!  Once again, welcome to my little monthly progress report.  I made more than twice as much as last month, so even though it’s not a lot of money, it definitely makes me happy to be earning and picking up some momentum again.

Here we go…

Blog 1 (iWOC) — I Work Off The Clock

  • New Posts:  11
  • Page Views:  809
  • Income:  $0.00 (n/a)

I decided to make a couple of changes on this site after the last income report.  First, I ditched the “How To Start A Blog” page, along with the affiliate links in it.  I also decided to delete the backlinking tutorial/free ebook offer from my sidebar.  It just seemed too spammy and black hat to me, so I decided to dump it.  Last, I deactivated AdSense.  I wasn’t making more than a couple bucks a month, and I was seeing some really crappy ads on there.  Perhaps I’ll bring it back later on when there’s more traffic and more relevant ads showing up.

Traffic-wise, that’s the highest number of page views iWOC has had in the past 10 months,  but I’m not sure if the changes I made are responsible for that increase.  But they could be.  I got rid of a bunch of affiliate links to sites that Google might consider to be questionable (even though the content was actually good, helpful stuff), and doing away with above-the-fold AdSense ads probably helped too.  Still, things are always changing online, so who knows for sure what caused the increase.  Either way, it’s only a small improvement — not very significant — so I’m not gonna spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

Blog 2 (B2) — Photography Blog

  • New Posts:  1
  • Page Views:  34
  • Income:  $0.00

I finally added some new content on here, after more than a year of nothing.  I wrote 5 small posts — little photography tips — and then I decided to just roll them all into one big FAQ post.  So perhaps if I keep adding new content there things will pick up?  I’ll need links, and I’m not going to artificially build them, so that means I’d have to just go make friends in that niche again.  I’ve been out of the photography game for over 3 years now, so I dunno.  Maybe I will work on that when the mood strikes me.

Niche Site 1 (NS1) — Knife Website

  • New Posts:  0
  • Page Views:  1,301
  • Income:  $7.06

That’s the highest amount of traffic I’ve had in the past 6 months (since December, which is always inflated due to holiday shopping).  If you don’t count December, then this was the highest amount of traffic I’ve had since the site was penalized back at the beginning of October 2013.  So I guess that’s something positive to take away.  It only earned $7 though, but that’s totally passive income, and I do like that!  🙂

Niche Site 2 (NS2) — Anxiety Website

  • New Posts:  4
  • Page Views:  182
  • Income:  $0.00 (n/a)

Traffic was slightly up, but not by much.  I am expecting all the new content I added in May to start kicking in over the next couple months, but it will still be quite a while til this site is able to earn more than a dollar or two per month, so I won’t be adding AdSense until the traffic is significantly higher.  Why distract the few readers I have with a big juicy ad to click on just to make a dollar?  I need social shares and organic links more than ad clicks if I want this site to ever get anywhere.

Niche Site 3 (NS3) — Flashlight Website

  • New Posts:  0
  • Page Views:  484
  • Income:  $19.02


That’s why I chose this niche in the first place:  because the commission per purchase would be pretty decent for an Amazon product.  This site is almost a year and a half old and has never made more than a few dollars per month (often zero), but last month I finally made a solid sale (2 items, in fact).  I’m so glad I made the last minute decision to renew it for a second year (this was back in March).  So now we’re talking.  Now I’m getting excited about this niche site again!

But watch, next month it’ll make a dollar or something haha.  Ah well, that’s how it goes…  😉

User-Generated Content Sites


  • New Posts:  23
  • Income:  $15.91

Well, it’s July, and Bubblews still makes me want to love/hate it.  Lots of people on there have been talking about how much faster and more reliable the site/server is, but I’m not seeing it.  In fact, at this moment I still don’t know exactly how many new articles I published there in June, because the site keeps timing out every time I try to count them up!

(UPDATE:  23.  It was 23…)

Anyways, it’s still easy money over there, but I don’t see Bubz being my bread and butter any time soon, since it has never shown me any passive income love.  If I stop posting for a week or a month, it all grinds to a stop (unlike HubPages and my niche sites).  So it’s obvious to me where my focus needs to be.  Bubblews is just a nice place to post when I’m feeling burnt out or when I just need a quick little break from blogging.  It definitely has its place, so I’ll be posting there next month, but I can’t camp on there all day like some of those guys do.  That would just make me go cuckoo.


  • New Posts:  0
  • Income:  $35.46

That’s actually more money than I made from all sources last month, so I’m happy about that.  But honestly, last month was just really low.  But at least things are kinda picking up a little.  That is purely passive income at this point (I haven’t written for HP in ages), so as you already know, passive income makes me very happy.  🙂

Oh, this morning I logged into my Amazon account and found that one of my old hubs brought in an Amazon sale worth over $20 in commissions, so that will reflect in next month’s report.  Hopefully they won’t return it!  We’ll see how everything else turns out, but that sure is a nice way to start the month.


So, that’s it for this month.  I’m starting to bounce back a little bit from the -$50 a month loss on HubPages a few months ago and the -$40 a month loss on NS1 last October, so that’s putting a little wind back in my sails.  My plans for this next month are to push out more content on the new website (not listed in this income report, but I mentioned it in my last post) and to do that, I either have to write it myself or sign up some writers and pay them to write it.  So now I’m off to find someone who wants to “rent” me their articles.  If you or someone you know might be interested, hit me up on the Contact page.

Gross Income To Date…

  • July 2013 — $67.16
  • August — $63.58
  • September — $73.32
  • October thru April 2014 — Lost a lot of traffic/earnings.  Lost a lot of motivation too 🙁
  • May 2014 — $29.58
  • June — $77.45

I just realized that this month was my best month ever in terms of gross passive income from my websites and articles.  Huh.

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  1. Well, you DO have me beat, but not by too, too much. 😉
    I’ve decided to pull Google Ads from my personal website b/c I want to focus on passive income via ebooks and the like.
    Hmm…coming to think of it, I haven’t checked my Google Ads account in ages…better go do that. 😛