I remember like a year and a half ago when I wrote this big long post about all these goals I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to achieve them.

Now, if I had actually achieved them, or even just some of them, then I’d feel pretty badass. But instead, all I did was waste a bunch of time writing out all these unrealistic goals. I mean, they were humanly possible. I knew a lot of guys who were accomplishing those kind of goals.

But that’s them.

I’m not them.

So I didn’t even come close. I just wasn’t there yet.

But right now I want to write out some goals that I’m hoping will be realistic – FOR ME.

That means they probably won’t be very impressive. But that’s okay. If I can look back four weeks from now and say that I accomplished all of them, then that’s gonna feel pretty good.

So are you ready for my big massive list of blogging goals for June?

Blogging Goals For June 2014

Here we go…

  1. Write 12 posts for this blog (iWOC).
  2. Write 30 posts for my anxiety blog (NS2).

That’s complicated, huh?

Actually, even writing 42 blog posts in 26 days might be a longshot for me, but at least it’s simple. With no stats to check, no blog comments to moderate, no Facebook to mess with, and only two websites to occupy my time (as opposed to 10 websites, like I used to have)…this sounds doable to me.

The hard part for me is just getting started. You know, like Newton’s laws? An object at rest…and all that.

But today, this object is now in motion! :)

I’m not even online right now! I’m sitting in my car outside Starbucks, too far away to pick up their free wifi. That turned out to be an excellent decision for me. Normally, I’ll go inside, sit down at my laptop and waste the first 1-3 hours of my day surfing the web. But not today. Once I opened up my laptop, since I had no Internet and nothing else to distract me, I just started cranking out blog posts. The one you’re reading now is already my 4th post of the day, and I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee yet!

So…42 posts this month?

I think I can do that.

Aloha, Chris