Sell Used Books To Book-Off And Make Some Fast Cash Instead Of Donating Them

Hey everybody, I just wanted to pass along a little tip for anybody who wants to make some quick cash without putting in a lot of time or effort. There’s nothing revolutionary here, and most of us may have already considered this idea before (I know I have). But I’m throwing this out there anyway. Consider it a simple reminder of something that you already knew…


This past week I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff before our move, and there’s no way I’m going to pay a moving company to haul my dozens of books to another state. Some I’ll take, sure, but most of them have got to go.

So I was going to just donate them all to the local thrift store like I’ve done so many times over the years, but while we were already at the mall and I had a box of books in the back of the car, I just decided to try selling them to the used book store called, “Book Off.”

Out of more than a dozen books, they only accepted two. So they paid me like four dollars and that was that. I took back the rest to donate.

But then I came across a few more books at home while we were packing, so I grabbed them and put them in the car too. So the next day we went back to the mall again (my mother in law does her physical therapy there, so we go 2-3 times per week), so I brought out the new selection of books and headed to Book Off to sell them.

I walked out with almost $10.

And then I went back a week after that with some more books and used DVDs…$25!

So I am now officially hooked. I wish I had been bringing my used books here all these years instead of always donating them. I mean, I still end up donating the “rejects” anyways, but if they’re in good condition, then there’s money to be made at Book Off. Besides used books, Book Off buys used CDs, DVDs, and video games, so it’s a pretty good place to dump your stuff and make a little money.

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  1. Aloha Chris! Sounds like a good idea if you want money and need to get rid of some books. I’ve never heard of Book-Off and I am not sure if there are any stores in my area. I can’t let go of books anyway lol. Seriously, I still have books and notebooks from High School. I am a collector of sorts. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello. It’s been a while. Hope you are having a happy new year and that this year is the best for you so far. Where are you moving to? Are you staying in Hawaii? Nice to see you brother.


  2. Great idea. We have a used bookstore her near where I live. They take about the same amount of books that Book Off does, then I try to sell the rest on before donating them. Good idea for a little extra cash.

    You are leaving Hawaii? And moving to another state?